We introduce you Hripsime Gevorgyan, young researcher from National Academy of Sciences of Republic of Armenia, who made her success story together with the DAAD. Here is how it happened.

In 2016 Hripsime Gevorgyan was awarded a scholarship from the DAAD for two years doctoral studies (2016/2018) in TU Bergakademie Freiberg.

“In the scope of this grant, I gained excellent practical and theoretical experience in igneous petrology, geochemistry, and physical volcanology. I have been generating follow-up ideas for my Ph.D. project, which makes my research more flexible and not tied to a specific and narrow sphere”.

First results from her geochemical and petrological observations have been summarized and published in Lithos journal as well as presented at international and local conferences such as Goldschmidt (Paris, France), GeoBremen (Germany) and seminars.

Afterwards she studied Paleomagnetic properties of AVP ignimbrites in collaboration with Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. First results were presented at the EGU 2017 (Vienna) and summarized in the second manuscript, which is already submitted to the JVGR.

Within these two research papers and well-organized collaboration work there were found answers of some important, key questions and how Hripsime says “The results highly motivate me to move forward. In this stage of my research project and now I am working on construction and analytical methods of my third manuscript”.

Hirpsime has very enthusiastic plans on return to Armenia. She is going to apply for an equipment grant  of the DAAD in order to establish a well-equipped microscope lab for her further observations. It sounds really great!


Success Story of Hripsime Gevorgyan

Success Story of Hripsime Gevorgyan

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