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Many universities in Armenia offer German as a foreign language as well. Inquire at your university whether German courses are offered there.

Why it is a good idea for Armenian pupils and students to learn German you can see here:


The Sprachlernzentrum (language learning center) Eriwan also offers German language courses for all target groups and on all levels:

Sprachlernzentrum Eriwan

Information and registration:

Nelly Soghomonyan
Sprachlernzentrum in Armenien
Paronyan 8
0015 Jerewan
Tel. +374 060 54 22 10; +374 77 528307;
Fax: +374 60 504710

German library

The German Reading Room in Yerevan offers a large variety of German books, magazines, learning materials, CDs and films that you can borrow. It is situated in the Sprachlernzentrum Eriwan.

The Reading Hall is open from Mon: 14-18 hours, Tue-Fri 12-18 hours, Sat 12-16 hours.

Goethe Institute Georgia

The Goethe Institute Georgia, which is responsible for Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, has a suitable language course for all prospective students (beginners through advanced learners). It also regularly offers language examinations at all levels.

Contact person of the Goethe Institute for German teachers at schools and universities in Yerevan is Julia Kramer (Goethe expert for instruction). She is among other things responsible for the organization of advanced training for German teachers. You can reach Mrs. Kramer at her office in the Sprachlernzentrum Eriwan.

Julia Kramer
Paronyan 8
0015 Jerewan
Tel.: ++374 (0)60 50 47 10

Office hours: Mon-Fri 10-12 und 14-16 and by appointment.

Under the following Link you can find Kinergartens and Primary Schools, teaching Germany, in Armenia:

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Tests OnDaF, TestDaF and TestAS

The worldwide recognized language tests OnDaF, TestDaF and the scholastic aptitude TestAS are regularly conducted in Armenia at the Sprachlernzentrum Yerevan. German as foreign language learners can verify their German language skills with OnDaF quickly, simply and accurately.

The OnDaF is offered by the Sprachlernzentrum. Current test dates are published on the webpage

The TestDaF is a language examination for students of the German language, who plan to study in Germany or need official testing of their knowledge of German. Current test dates are published on the webpage

The TestAS or Test for Academic Studies is a central standardised aptitude test for foreign students. TestAS gives prospective students information about their individual ranking compared to other applicants. With good results, they can improve their chances of being admitted for studies at a German university. The TestAS is offered in English or German. Current test dates are published on the webpage